My Review of “The Stroller Strategy”

babytransitIf you are eager to have kids, then it is a sign of maturity on any person’s part. If you are ready to take on a big responsibility to take care of a very fragile little thing day in and day out, feed it, bathe it and see yourself pushing the best baby stroller you could get, which is very important if you have a child to say the least.

Well then, Thomas Platz (Raphaël Personnaz) is positive, one hundred percent adolescent at the beginning of the film The Stroller Strategy. The main character and the protagonist of Clément Michels’s silly romantic comedy will make sure to mess with his illustrator’s lifestyle while at the same time is going to make excuses to his girlfriend, Marie Deville (Charlotte Le Bon) in his constant unwillingness to become a parent. Due that, he sees himself being ditched by his girlfriend under the reason of having a lack of maturity and progress in their relationship and the movie jumps a year into the future and Thomas, still stinging, finds a way to win his girlfriend back.

The story of a young, irresponsible kid, trying to find maturity is not really a rare concept in movies, but despite that, The Stroller Strategy turns it down a little bit on the main character, Thomas, highlighting his immaturity and signs of being an adult by his constant opposition to having children. That reluctance changes immediately when a young baby falls out of the sky. This happens when Thomas was walking towards his apartment and catches baby Leo, who was apparently dropped by a neighbor who is having a bad medical emergency from an apartment above. While the said neighbor convalesces in the hospital, the good man Thomas made sure he will look after baby Leo. Using the baby and claiming it as his child in attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend, Marie. At the same time, he is starting to develop an attachment with the baby, most likely, developing the paternal instincts that he badly needs to complete his transition into manhood.

Over the course of the movie, there will be a series of comical scenes that are both rote and sometimes unfunny. One scene shows where Thomas takes a sip of baby formula just to encourage baby Leo, only to spit it out because it was nasty. The director’s decision to match the visual punchline with a bunch of camera shakes is very unnecessary and doesn’t make the jokes any funnier. Later on the film, in the baby massage scene, the director, for some reason, parodies the pottery scene from Ghost, unnecessarily adding a taste of gay panic to complete the lame spoof.

But what is really good in The Stroller Strategy, is the way it persists on fatherly instincts as the main factor to become a real male, adult. The funny bit is that almost all childlike behavior will be exhibited towards it. That just makes this film good for general viewing and especially for the family. In the movie, Thomas was seen putting baby Leo in a car seat. Should there have been two babies in the movie, a double stroller would have been appropriate.

Disney’s “Once Upon a Mattress” uses memory foam mattresses

uponamattressIn the modern film scene, there are a lot twists that a new school movie maker can do. Like put a different plot or a completely different approach to the whole show itself. Some can even put something as simple as a prop change, like shifting a regular mattress to an advanced mattress (as far as technology is concerned) like placing a memory foam mattress like in a classic theater show “Once Upon a Mattress”. It might not say a lot but the point is, as a film maker or theater director, you can change anything you want in the production. For the uninitiated, the show “Once Upon a Mattress” is a musical that first came out back in 1959 based on the book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller and Marshall Barer. Also the original play is actually an adaptation of Hans Andersen’s fairy tale titled The Princess and the Pea.

The most recent adaptation of this play is from 2005 and the story goes as such; that a long long time ago, things weren’t going too well for this kingdom ruled by Queen Aggravain. On the other hand, she has a son called Prince Dauntless that is supposed to be in the market for a suitable wife but due to his overly-protective mother, she made sure that no one would pass the test to become his son’s bride. And on top of that, she used her Wizard to ensure that Dauntless will forever will be a Mama’s Boy. To make things worse, the queen came up with an unjust royal decree that no one in her entire kingdom can marry until his son is married first. This especially is some distressing news for Sir Harry and his supposedly wife to be, Lady Larkin, who is carrying Sir Harry’s baby. So he took it upon himself to find a suitable partner for the prince. But since the local pool of potential brides have been exhausted, he ventured out to find others from lesser kingdoms. So, in the land of swamps called Wallows in the Mire he found the blue-blooded princess named Princess Winnifred, which is a tomboy who greatly impresses Dauntless with her wrestling skills, dancing, singing and even drinking. Its becoming clear that the usually rigged contests is not going to work against this mighty princess. So Aggravain and her Wizard took an idea from the original book of Hans Christian Anderson’s book, “The Princess and the Pea” to arrange a no-win contest for Winnifred, who sleeps like a proverbial stone. Aggravian places Winnifred on top of 40 memory foam mattresses and even slips her under a sleeping spell for further stack the sleepy-time deck. So now she won’t detect the pea at all. Luckily, the Queen’s waiting ladies and their supposed bridegroom to be are willing to help out.

The new TV spin lacks the reckless abandon style of the 1964 and the 1972 version of the play. Both of which, in fact, starred Carol Burnett in her signature role as Winnifred. This adaptation still brings a delightful and infectious vibe to the musical numbers. Surprisingly Carol Burnett and Tracey Ullman did very well as the shows antagonists and Zooey Deschanel almost stole the show as the contemplative unwed parent.

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“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – The Movie About Juicing

last song bestjuicergalHere is a story of Joe. Joe is just like any ordinary guy, an average guy but with a huge problem. He’s dangerously obese. Unfortunately, it came to a point that his doctors could no longer help him out and with the right push to get rid of his meds, he came up with an idea to make up his own diet plan and ultimately save his life.

Joe thought and weighed his options and came out for a trek 3000 miles long – with a generator and a juicer in tow. His idea was to be outside and be on the road for sixty long day; no matter what weather condition; drinking nothing but juice. His victory, when it was all said and done, was a resounding loss – of weight! With his loss, we can gain something from it and luckily for us, he had everything filmed so we can learn.

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With no surprise, the movie that was created out of this adventure has inspired millions of people – he inspired people to rid of themselves of what held them back, not only to lose weight. It has claimed a lot of awards. It all starts with him weighing 300 pounds and ending with him shedding a lot of that weight.

During his adventure, he met about 500 people. Inquired about their general health, current weight also other issues so they might become interested in being part of his journey.

When he got Arizona, he met Phil. He was just like him but only a lot heavier. He also had the same disease as Joe, an auto-immune disease. It was rare so it was interesting that they both had it. It was evident with their weight. He spent some time with Phil and convinced him to go on a journey himself. At that moment they both made a promise that they will both begin a path to a better health and wellness.

He has been out there for two years and it has already helped a lot of people to make something better off of themselves and be free from obesity and diseases. Joe is now considered as an inspiration to many and a provider of strength by all who struggle to release themselves from the bonds of being overweight. His one and only goal is to guide others or encourage them to find freedom to better health.

Through the length of the documentary, he has lost over one hundred pounds and not only looks better but feels more amazing than before. His entire body changed at the end of the film and any viewer can easily say that he is a lot more healthier than when he first started out the journey. One of his goals is that he wants to rid himself of the medicines he doesn’t like to take and ultimately, he’s off of it now. His journey and story can easily be called commendable and should be a motivation for everyone to seek a way so they can achieve better health.