I grew up to the songs that are part of movies and even after finishing the movie, I find myself wanting to listen to its soundtrack. This blog is dedicated to movie soundtracks and you will find me posting topics that are related to music and movies. There are plenty of movies coming out each day and in each one, there are hundreds of soundtracks that you can listen to. If you also love movie soundtracks, this is the blog that you’ve been looking for. I specifically made this blog for people like me who appreciates movie soundtracks.

I want to hear from you guys so please don’t hesitate to talk to me or leave a comment on my posts. I also have an email address for people who want to suggest topics or movies that you want me to talk about. I know that I haven’t watched all the movies out there and I haven’t heard all movie soundtracks either. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and I also hope o learn new movies and soundtracks from you.

Aside from watching movie and listening to soundtracks, I also like to go outside to walk my dogs and have a stroll in the park. If you want to know what my most recent favorite movie is, it’s the Hunger Games because of Katniss Everdeen—everyone loves her! I am very excited about this blog and I am looking forward to more movies in the future so I can post them here in my blog.