Disney’s “Once Upon a Mattress” uses memory foam mattresses

uponamattressIn the modern film scene, there are a lot twists that a new school movie maker can do. Like put a different plot or a completely different approach to the whole show itself. Some can even put something as simple as a prop change, like shifting a regular mattress to an advanced mattress (as far as technology is concerned) like placing a memory foam mattress like in a classic theater show “Once Upon a Mattress”. It might not say a lot but the point is, as a film maker or theater director, you can change anything you want in the production. For the uninitiated, the show “Once Upon a Mattress” is a musical that first came out back in 1959 based on the book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller and Marshall Barer. Also the original play is actually an adaptation of Hans Andersen’s fairy tale titled The Princess and the Pea.

The most recent adaptation of this play is from 2005 and the story goes as such; that a long long time ago, things weren’t going too well for this kingdom ruled by Queen Aggravain. On the other hand, she has a son called Prince Dauntless that is supposed to be in the market for a suitable wife but due to his overly-protective mother, she made sure that no one would pass the test to become his son’s bride. And on top of that, she used her Wizard to ensure that Dauntless will forever will be a Mama’s Boy. To make things worse, the queen came up with an unjust royal decree that no one in her entire kingdom can marry until his son is married first. This especially is some distressing news for Sir Harry and his supposedly wife to be, Lady Larkin, who is carrying Sir Harry’s baby. So he took it upon himself to find a suitable partner for the prince. But since the local pool of potential brides have been exhausted, he ventured out to find others from lesser kingdoms. So, in the land of swamps called Wallows in the Mire he found the blue-blooded princess named Princess Winnifred, which is a tomboy who greatly impresses Dauntless with her wrestling skills, dancing, singing and even drinking. Its becoming clear that the usually rigged contests is not going to work against this mighty princess. So Aggravain and her Wizard took an idea from the original book of Hans Christian Anderson’s book, “The Princess and the Pea” to arrange a no-win contest for Winnifred, who sleeps like a proverbial stone. Aggravian places Winnifred on top of 40 memory foam mattresses and even slips her under a sleeping spell for further stack the sleepy-time deck. So now she won’t detect the pea at all. Luckily, the Queen’s waiting ladies and their supposed bridegroom to be are willing to help out.

The new TV spin lacks the reckless abandon style of the 1964 and the 1972 version of the play. Both of which, in fact, starred Carol Burnett in her signature role as Winnifred. This adaptation still brings a delightful and infectious vibe to the musical numbers. Surprisingly Carol Burnett and Tracey Ullman did very well as the shows antagonists and Zooey Deschanel almost stole the show as the contemplative unwed parent.

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