“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – The Movie About Juicing

last song bestjuicergalHere is a story of Joe. Joe is just like any ordinary guy, an average guy but with a huge problem. He’s dangerously obese. Unfortunately, it came to a point that his doctors could no longer help him out and with the right push to get rid of his meds, he came up with an idea to make up his own diet plan and ultimately save his life.

Joe thought and weighed his options and came out for a trek 3000 miles long – with a generator and a juicer in tow. His idea was to be outside and be on the road for sixty long day; no matter what weather condition; drinking nothing but juice. His victory, when it was all said and done, was a resounding loss – of weight! With his loss, we can gain something from it and luckily for us, he had everything filmed so we can learn.

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With no surprise, the movie that was created out of this adventure has inspired millions of people – he inspired people to rid of themselves of what held them back, not only to lose weight. It has claimed a lot of awards. It all starts with him weighing 300 pounds and ending with him shedding a lot of that weight.

During his adventure, he met about 500 people. Inquired about their general health, current weight also other issues so they might become interested in being part of his journey.

When he got Arizona, he met Phil. He was just like him but only a lot heavier. He also had the same disease as Joe, an auto-immune disease. It was rare so it was interesting that they both had it. It was evident with their weight. He spent some time with Phil and convinced him to go on a journey himself. At that moment they both made a promise that they will both begin a path to a better health and wellness.

He has been out there for two years and it has already helped a lot of people to make something better off of themselves and be free from obesity and diseases. Joe is now considered as an inspiration to many and a provider of strength by all who struggle to release themselves from the bonds of being overweight. His one and only goal is to guide others or encourage them to find freedom to better health.

Through the length of the documentary, he has lost over one hundred pounds and not only looks better but feels more amazing than before. His entire body changed at the end of the film and any viewer can easily say that he is a lot more healthier than when he first started out the journey. One of his goals is that he wants to rid himself of the medicines he doesn’t like to take and ultimately, he’s off of it now. His journey and story can easily be called commendable and should be a motivation for everyone to seek a way so they can achieve better health.