Sit and Spin – I Watch Some Movies on my Spin Bike

homefitnessintelSo you are a movie addict and still want to stay in shape, being a multi-tasker opens up a lot of opportunities for you to do a lot of things at the same time. So watching movies or just the news on TV while on your spin bike can be a good option for you. But if you are just starting out and still do not have a spin bike, then you are on the right blog. Consider these things before getting yourself one.

First of all indoor cycling units are increasing in popularity for people who are trying to get in shape and stay that way. Working out are both fun and energizing, it also offers a variety of options to keep you from getting bored in your workout. Some users are just trying to find a better workout to do at home that won’t interrupt with their other priorities like watching over their kids or go over their studies.

Here are things you need to consider before getting a spin bike for your home.

Make sure to have a nice heavy fly wheel – first things to look at is that you need to check is if your bike has at least 40-pound flywheel. The flywheel is what rotates inside the machine when you pedal and continues to spin after you stop pedaling. This replicates the forward momentum that is at work when you are on a real bike. This is good when you have a heavy flywheel because if its heavy, then it spins more smoothly for a much longer periods of time and will give you a feeling that the bike is more solid.

Double check if the handlebars have a fore and aft setting – it is very important, if you are a female, that you have an adjustable handle bar settings. Both fore and aft, meaning that you can move your handlebar both up and down, and also front and back get that sweet spot for your bar settings. Remember that not all bike have them and since women have shorter upper bodies than men, when you can adjust your bars then you can find a much better fit for you when you ride.

Belt drives are preferable over Chain drives – when buying a stationary bike either you end up with a chain or belt. When you step on the pedals, it pushes the wheel to rotate. When choosing a bike, go for a belt driven bike. Its better because they are more durable, can sustain more wear, will require you for far less maintenance and are much less noisy than chain driven bikes.

Adjustable or completely replaceable seats is important – it doesn’t matter if it’s a stationary bike, a regular bike, an indoor trainer, spinning bike or whatever – an uncomfortable seat will make you feel miserable when you are working out and will ultimately ruin your riding experience. Make sure you can adjust your seat when necessary and if all else fails, replace it if needed. Remember, this is not available on all bike and some have ridiculously awful seats, avoid these!