“The Hunger Games” and Bows

last song crossbowWhen the movie The Hunger Games came out back in March 23, 2012 it undeniably brought in a surge of people, young and old, into archery. Because the protagonist on the book, written by Suzanne Collins that was released in 2008, Katniss Everdeen mainly uses a bow as her choice of weapon in the story. She’s a 16 year old teenage girl, from district 12, who volunteered in behalf of her younger sister Primrose Everdeen and ultimately survives the games with Peeta Mellark. Rebellion ensues and she is being used as a figurehead of the movement. This came as a very attractive idea for some kids and adults to take on archery. So if you are looking into getting a bow here are some of the best compounds bows out there.

The Barnett Ghost 410 is one of the top bows out there, to start. This bow is on par with the Diamond Infinite Edge as far as adaptability is concerned. It has a draw length that you can easily adjust to about 12 to 30 inches and a draw weight of 5-70 pounds. This bow is so adaptable that it can work with an improving archer and even a huntress. For a change, they’ve stepped away from their classic look with this specific bow. its color and shape are more appealing to much younger archers. And the manufacturer definitely listens to their customers for more options for customization and better quality bows for female archers.

Here we have the Podium X Elite. This bow has one of the best user friendly features for compound bows out there today. First its, draw length is very easy to adjust, it also offers different variants for your back wall when you are buying this bow. also they added a modular adjustment for the spiral cam, which in turn will give you a solid back wall to keep shooters from overdrawing. It comes with the GTX 1.5 cam. This gives you a more flexible wall, inclusive of the inner module adjustment feature. This is a great addition for people who will buy this bow and plan to share it because it is very easy to adjust every time you hand it off to someone else. The most clever feature of this bow from Hoyt is their adjustable grip, users can choose between standard grip angle, or use the other included grips that can add two, four or six degrees to your grip. This will help you improve your shooting depending on your desired setting. Despite the fact that they innovated their personal adjustment features, unfortunately they still don’t have a bow that are comparable to weight adjustment or draw length options that Diamond or Bear has on their 2015 line.

We have Hoyt’s line for young adult and for women, the Ruckus, it has a length that can be adjusted between 15 to 26 inches, and weight adjustment that you can choose from 15 to 45, that’s for the regular. For the ruckus junior, its 9 to 29. Surprisingly, this model, the Ruckus is the bow on Hoyt’s line that comes with the most out of the box customization options compared to all of Hoyt’s bows. Don’t forget, Hoyt’s bows are of high quality.